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While I strongly encourage people to first learn how to interface with SVN using the command line, you can also try out the new Mac OS X application Versions (currently in beta). It provides a GUI to most of the SVN commands.

Adding Subversion in to your current workflow doesn’t have to be a jarring event. With the right skills, you can hook SVN into your project management tools. SVN provides “hooks,” which are “repository events” where SVN will fire off any custom scripts you write. One example of this would be a script that would post a new message to 37Signals ’ chat application Campfire every time you commit a change to your SVN repository—alerting your co-workers to changes you made. A Google search will reveal many other scripts written for different tools, including ways to integrate the project management tool Basecamp with SVN .

There are several different types of hooks but the most commonly used is the “post-commit” hook, which triggers scripts after a successful commit. Using SVN “hooks,” the ability to work SVN into your current workflow and toolset is nearly limitless.

Subversion is not just a great way to version and control the code and assets for your projects but also an effective method of controlling and refining the interaction between you, your co-workers, and your subcontractors. Do yourself, your company and your subcontractors a favor; get your SVN workflow up and running today.

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by Richard Rabil, Jr.

Your writing’s meaning isn’t only the the words. Foundational patterns of organization can help you convey what you mean to say.

by Garrett Dimon

Email sender, subject, preheader—small elements, but they’re the first seen and pack a huge punch. Always handle with care!

Figure 3
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Detected sand wave crests with the calculated sand wave heights for a sample data set as plotted on the sand wave crest.
Detected sand wave crests with the calculated sand wave heights for a sample data set as plotted on the sand wave crest.

With this analysis we are able to process the large data sets of North Sea bathymetry to extract sand wave characteristics. In the detection of crest and trough points, lower‐resolution data provide less accurate sand wave extremes and thus underestimate sand wave heights. If we use the extrapolated crest and trough points as overestimated maximum uncertainty for crests and troughs (Figure 4 ), the maximum uncertainty due to low‐resolution data can be estimated. The uncertainty was determined for five locations of 10 by 10km spread around the NCS, and for data sets with a resolution of 25m by 25m this gives uncertainties of 0–0.60m in sand wave heights. Steep sand waves give larger uncertainties, and trochoidal sand waves have larger uncertainties at the crests compared to the troughs. Alternatively, sand wavelength is determined as the horizontal distance between two trough points, which is a discrete number of cells. The sand wavelength therefore has an uncertainty of plus or minus the cell size.

Figure 4
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Height uncertainty approximation using slope extrapolation to determine the upper limit of the crest position and the lower limit of the trough position.
Height uncertainty approximation using slope extrapolation to determine the upper limit of the crest position and the lower limit of the trough position.

In the analysis of sand wavelengths a bias occurs where longer sand waves result in fewer values per square kilometer relative to the shorter sand waves, which leads to a decreased contribution of long sand waves to correlations with processes. In addition, the environmental parameters are available up to a resolution of 1km 2 . Therefore, the sand wave properties are aggregated per square kilometer. Figure 3 illustrates how sand wave characteristics vary even over small areas (see also Dorst et al., 2011 ). For the aggregation of points per block, the sand wave asymmetry and length are averaged. Sand wave heights are aggregated using a significant sand wave height (mean of 1/3 highest values), which was shown to better match theoretical relations than the mean bedform height (see Bokuniewicz et al., 1977 ; McCave, Big Discount Sale Online Essential Top Retro Multi 99 by VIDA VIDA Sale Cheap Online Discount Nicekicks pvVy38wnEI
; Nordin Algert, 1966 ).

These observations suggest that HIV did not enter the cells and integrate into the host’s genome. Together, all the evidence suggests that HIV-1 did not productively infect genital epithelial cell line Ect1. The restriction is likely at the level of viral entry, presumably as a result of the absence of CD4 on Ect1 cells. Our observation is consistent with general notions that genital epithelial cells are refractory to cell-free HIV infection. In vivo studies in nonhuman primate models have shown that atraumatic inoculation of cell-free SIV onto the vagina or penis led to a productive infection of associated immune cells, but not of epithelial cells [ 22 , 23 ]

An interesting finding in the present study is that the epithelial cells were capable of sequestering significant amounts of virus particles and that the virus remained infectious even after treatment with trypsin. It appeared that Ect1 cells retained virus for a prolonged period. We estimated that only a small percentage of virus was released into the culture medium. The ability to sequester virus appeared not to be related to cell size, because HeLa CD4 and Ect1 cells are of similar sizes and their membrane-associated proteins do not differ greatly. It is likely that this ability is associated with the content of specific viral-binding proteins on the cells. Our observation is consistent with a recent study by Dezzutti et al. [ 24 ], which showed that human primary urogenital epithelial cells could not be infected with cell-free HIV but are capable of sequestering virus and transmitting the virus to PBMCs in coculture. This phenomenon is reminiscent of dendritic cells’ (DCs) sequestering and presenting HIV-1 to CD4-expressing susceptible targets via DC-SIGN [ 25 ], a C-type lectin that is highly expressed in DCs. Nonspecific sequestering of HIV by DCs is believed to play an important role in HIV transmission

In the case of Ect1 cells, our evidence indicates that heparan sulfate moieties of proteoglycans on the Ect1 cell membrane mediate the viral attachment. Epithelial cells are known to carry large amounts of HSPG [ 19 , 20 ], and the Ect1 cell line has a high level of heparan sulfate on its surface (Z.W., unpublished data). Cell-surface heparan sulfate has been shown to mediate HIV-1 attachment by interacting with viral gp120 [ 19 , 21 ], and heparan sulfate or heparin can inhibit virus infection by interfering with gp120 binding to CD4 cells [ 19 , 21 ]. However, it is not clear whether, in addition to heparan sulfate, other cell surface molecules, such as DC-SIGN, were involved in the initial viral attachment to Ect1 cells. The resistance of the sequestered virus to treatment with trypsin and the observation that the Ect1 cell–associated virus remained infectious for up to 9 days (data not shown) longer than in DCs [ 25 ] suggest that the virus is protected by cellular structures. Membrane microvilli of epithelial cells may shield the virus, or the virus could be enveloped by vesicles of the epithelial cells. The cellular mechanisms of viral protection, by epithelial cells, require further investigation

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Issue Areas


Healthy Congress Index

The Bipartisan Policy Center’s Healthy Congress Index provides Americans with crucial metrics for evaluating Congress’s ability to effectively legislate and govern. It compares results against past Congresses and will be updated on a quarterly basis. The index represents a new, long-term effort to bring accountability to Congress and answer the question: how is Congress governing? The period covered by this installment is January 2017 through March 2018 and the numbers presented here are cumulative.

New to the index, two additional elements will further examine how well the current Congress is functioning relative to those in the past. We will track 1) programs receiving appropriations after authorizations have expired and 2) progress on the budget and appropriations processes. Lianne Cottonpoplin Mini Dress White The Row Discount View Cheap Huge Surprise With Paypal Free Shipping KVzPWr3H0C

Healthy Congress Index Field:

Working Days
House Schedule
Senate Schedule

Data Focus: This measure shows how often Congress is in Washington conducting legislative business. The Commission on Political Reform recommended that Congress adopt a five-day workweek with three weeks spent in Washington and one week spent in district or state work periods each month.

Data Findings: By BPC’s standard, each chamber should have worked at least 210 days between January 2017 and the end of March 2018.

In that period, the House was at work in the Capitol for just 171 days, which is about the same as in recent years and well below the number of days it would have worked if it adhered to BPC’s recommended schedule. The low number of working days is consistent with recent practice in the House, however.

Since January 2017, the Senate worked 196 days in Washington, a slight improvement over the number of days in the 112th-114th congresses, but still well below BPC’s recommendation and the number of days worked in the 104th and 110th.


Data Focus: This measure shows whether bills are developed through the traditional committee process, which allows for more input from rank-and-file members, rather than a process primarily controlled by party leaders.

Data Findings: Committees in both the House and Senate have been very active in reporting bills. House committees reported 487 bills in the 115th Congress, the highest among any years in the index. Senate committees reported 296 bills, the third-highest among the index’s comparative years, and much higher than the lull seen during the 112th and 113th Congresses.

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